My One And Only Post On PTC’s

While I’m surfing I see a lot of reviews for PTC sites so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and write a review of my own. However, this will be my only post on PTC sites because my blog is primarily aimed at people who are serious about setting up their own business online.

There are a lot of scams out there and, unfortunately, I have been a member of some of them. But there is one PTC which I am happy to promote and recommend that you join.

That site is Neobux

However, I recommend that you join as a free member first until you are sure that you are ready to invest. I can confirm that I have been paid by Neobux and I was literally paid instantly.  The money was in my Alertpay account within a matter of minutes. I also like the script which Neobux uses which is unlike some of the older PTC sites and the fact that referrals can be rented rather than bought.

It’s impossible to say how long Neobux will be around for. Unobux, which used a similar script, recently disappeared and joined the many other scams. I’m genuinely hoping Neobux will stay around and continue to grow because it seems like they have a good business model.