Back Online

Last week I experienced the worst thing that can happen to a website owner – my website was hacked.

My first thoughts were that everything had been deleted, passwords had been changed and that my website had been used for illegal purposes such as sending spam.  Then I began thinking about how the hackers actually gained access to my website.  Did they have access to my computer and all the passwords and private information that is stored on it?   It really was a sickening feeling and I never want to experience it again.

Even now, around a week after my website was hacked, I’m still not 100% sure about what the hackers have done.  I got in touch with my hosting providers who provided excellent support and scanned my website for any code that looked suspicious.  They also gave me links and information about what to do after your website has been the victim of hacking.   It appears the hackers targeted my WP theme files in order to display a message about Iran.  This message was easily removed by copying across the original theme file from one of my other blogs.

Needless to say I’m more security conscious after all of this.  I scanned my computer and downloaded KeePass which will enable me to manage the passwords for my online accounts more easily.  I’ve been very lucky.  The hackers could have easily done so much more damage by deleting files or posts or installing viruses.

I’m still left with the feeling that the hackers could strike again but for now I will take action by changing passwords and by following the advice of my hosting provider.