My main interests are computers and the internet and I enjoy experimenting with web design and blogs.  I enjoy working with scripts and plugins to enhance my websites and create a better experience for users.

I also have an interest in gaming and I enjoy playing driving simulators in my spare time.  I currently play Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Train Simulator 2018 and OMSI 2 on the PC and Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3.

I use this blog to post reviews along with my own thoughts and ideas regarding Internet Marketing, tech and gaming.  I also provide links to my other websites (you can find a list of them below) and I try to blog whenever I create a new website or update a current one.

I hope you will find some useful information here and I welcome positive feedback through comments or my contact page.

I currently own a number of websites (not including this one).  They are:



This is my URL Shortening Service which is useful if you want to shorten long, ugly URL’s to make them easier to use on Facebook and in Twitter.  The script is fairly simple and it allows the user to create a custom “tag.”  For example a user could shorten their Facebook profile URL to urlism.com/me if this tag is available.


A screenshot from my Facebook Videos website
Videos related to Facebook

YourNetVideos is the hub for my video websites.  The script I used is currently broken but I intend to launch some new websites using a different script.  I will post an update here as soon as the new websites are available.



I intend to launch blogs at the above domains someday.

Feel free to click on some of the links – they will be useful to you if you are interested in working from home or if you share my interest in web design and the internet. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.