TopTierMailer – The Latest Program From Matthew Graves

TopTierMailer is the latest program from Matthew Graves and is sure to follow the success of his other websites (WebBizInsider, TopTierTraffic and SplashPageSurfer).

As I write this TopTierMailer is only a day old and is experiencing a few technical problems but this is not uncommon for big launches.  New members are still being accepted and you will receive your affiliate URL and login details by email within a few minutes of signing up.

So, what is TopTierMailer all about?  In a nutshell, you earn credits by reading other users’ emails and visiting their websites.  You can then use those credits to send out your emails and websites to other members.

You are probably saying “What’s so unique about that?”  However, TopTierMailer has some features which make it stand out from the crowd.  The most active members who read the most emails and visit the most websites are rewarded in a matrix-like structure.   There is a running leaderboard and the members with the most credits at the end of any week are rewarded by being able to send emails without using credits the following week.

TopTierMailer also allows you to track your emails and see how many were sent, which ones were bounced, which ones were read and which ones were clicked on.  You can also send follow-up emails to users who may or may not have read your last email.  This is a feature which is comparable to some of the best autoresponders.

Finally, as you may have guessed, there are various options to upgrade at TopTierMailer.  I won’t go into those in detail here but Premium members receive substantially more commissions than Free Members for referring new members.  However, those who join for free do receive commissions so it is worthwhile joining TopTierMailer for free and checking it out.

I highly recommend that you take a look at TopTierMailer today!  Remember, as I write this the program is only a day old.