The Hassle of Sales Pages, Download Pages and Encryption

The “guru’s” make it look so easy.  It seems as if they can upload a sales page, a thank you page and an OTO page minutes after a product is released.  However, the reality is that these tasks can be tedious, time consuming and sometimes quite difficult to the average part-time webmaster.  This has been one of the things which has held me back from fully developing my website and selling more digital products online.

Recently I came across a product which claimed to automate the process of the above mentioned tasks.  Cheekily (I know I shouldn’t have done this) I used Google to find a free download of the program from a file sharing site.  This shows how much I need a product like this.  I’ve only briefly looked at the software but I intend to watch the tutorial videos over the next few days.  I’ll write another post when I’ve successfully used the software.