You Could Have Your Own URL Shortening Service

Imagine owning a website which provides a service that people may use many times per day, every day.

The service that I’m talking about is a URL Shortening Service.  Whenever you send a link inside an email there is always a risk that the link will be broken up and become unclickable.  Therefore, a URL Shortening Service is vital for today’s marketers.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your own URL Shortening Service rather than use someone else’s?  You can have total control over your website and the links which people submit to it.  You can place ads and banners on your site for products which your visitors may be interested in.  You can also place ads on the ‘feeder’ page too.  This is the page that people see while they are being transferred to the original link.

Also, you don’t need to worry about setting up your website.  The script comes with a desktop installer which has a built in FTP progam and there is no MySQL config needed.

So if you’ve ever considered getting one of these scripts in the past I suggest you click on the link below and find out more about owning your own URL Shortening Script.

P.S.  The link above was created using the script.  Check out the loading page.

P.P.S.  I’ve done some research and I don’t think you’ll find this script at a cheaper price.   You also get MRR.


A few days ago a thought suddenly came to me:

Why am I trying to maintain a homepage and a blog?

I only need my blog.  I can continue to upload salespages and download pages as I do now, but for everything else I can use my blog.  My main website has a contact page, a faq page, an “about me” page etc but I can easily create these pages on my blog.

I feel so dumb and amateurish.  Whenever I visit the website of other internet marketers I usually arrive at a blog.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long to realise that this is what I should be doing.  Afterall, it is so much easier to maintain a blog than it is to maintain a regular website.

So from this point forward I will probably be making more blog posts.  I will also be including more links and graphics in my posts and I am constantly looking for useful widgets.

I have a couple of problems to deal with first though.  My blog is installed in a sub-directory so I think I will need to setup a redirect page to bring visitors to my blog from my main website.  I’m also anticipating that this will bring some problems in the form of HTML code.  I know the basics of HTML but it can be a pain getting everything right.

So, until my next brainwave 🙂 bye for now.

Special Offer at

Its been a while since my last post so I decided to mention a special offer which is currently running at my free adboard –

Until the end of this month (August 08) you can upgrade your ad for just $1.95.  This represents excellent value because I should be charging $10.  I’ll be making a decision on whether to increase the price on 1st September so place your ad soon.

Changing subject, my main website – – seems to be doing better in the Google rankings.  I have no idea why this is happening, lol, but I’m not complaining (I’m clueless when it comes to SEO).  I’ll have to think about new ways to cash-in on my higher rankings since my Adsense account was disabled.