Turbo Traffic Tactics – Free Download (No Opt-in Required)

Turbo Traffic Tactics coverIn “Turbo Traffic Tactics” you will discover a few quick and easy ways to get visitors to your website.  You will learn how you can get traffic from places such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google and how you can create your own “feeder sites” to drive traffic to your main website.

Turbo Traffic Tactics also shows you the best ways to use Safelists, List Builders and Classified Ads websites such as Craigslist.

The reports introduction reminds you that your website or blog is useless if it isn’t receiving traffic. You could have the most attractive graphics, the most interesting articles or the best video or audio but you will be wasting your time if nobody is visiting your site.

I’ve read the report myself and, although I was already using some of the methods, I will now use some of the other methods to drive more traffic to my websites.  Turbo Traffic Tactics is very easy to follow, clearly laid out and you don’t need any special technical skills.

Today you can download Turbo Traffic Tactics for free – I don’t even want your email address or any other personal details.  Just click here and enjoy the report.  If you wish, you can show your appreciation by signing up for my newsletter.  Thanks.

Convert HTML To PDF

I’ve just uploaded a script to my main website which allows the user to convert HTML code into a PDF file. The converter uses a WYSIWYG interface and is very easy to use. Simply enter the Title, Author, Subject and HTML code and press “Generate PDF” – its as easy as that!

I’ll be changing one or two things and placing some ads on the page, but the converter is ready to use right now.

This is ideal for anyone who is looking to create a professional looking report or ebook. I also intend to put up a sales page for anyone who would like to purchase the script – but I can’t put a timescale on this.

The link you need for the HTML to PDF Converter is http://andrewmcgovernonline.com/HTML2PDF/create/.

Bookmark it and tell your friends and family.