September – A Summary

This is likely to be my only post for September 08 so I’ll just summarize things with a few bullet points.

  • My main website has disappeared off the face of Google again but I’m hopeful that things will improve soon.
  • I had been using a free webhost to host my website but I apparently violated the terms of service.  The first I knew about this was when I was checking my ads at  An email notifying me that my account had been disabled would have been nice.  Fortunately, I have managed to set up some sub-domains at my main website and now redirects to one of these sub-domains.  However, I still have some work to do in order to get the site working the way it used to.
  • PLR continues to build up and gather dust on my hard drive.  A lot of it is good quality which I paid good money for but I just can’t motivate myself to set it all up on my website even though I acquired some software which automates this process.
  • continues to tick over nicely.  The ads are rotating quite quickly now because I have reached my self-imposed limit of 150 ads.  I’m also keeping the upgrade price low so the next few weeks will be a good guide as to the future success of the site.  I’ve also had some good feedback from an advertiser which was encouraging.
  • I’m currently experiencing terrible customer service from a top PTC site.  It’s regarding a payment which appears as “sent” in my back office but I haven’t received it.  I’m losing hope that I will ever see the payment.

I think that covers it for now but I will make a new post if anything noteworthy happens.   I’m addicted to a popular webcam chat room just now so it could be a while until my next post.  Until then…