Follow Me On Twitter

For the past few days I’ve been checking out and finding out why it is so popular with Internet Marketers.  My early impressions are that this is a big site that is going to get bigger and bigger.  I can even see it becoming just as popular as Facebook or even more popular.

It’s so addictive.  You can spend hours browsing through the messages that people have sent.  Each member profile you visit contains links to other member profiles and you end up going from one to another and another.

I’m slowly building up a list of “followers” and I too am “following” other people.  This creates a viral effect which helps make the site popular with marketers.  However, it is quite easy for people to stop following you or to even block you.

I have added a widget to the sidebar to make it easy for you to follow me.  You can also see my 5 most recent “tweets”.  If you aren’t a member yet I strongly recommend that you join and link up with people who have similar interests to yourself.

Also, as a bit of an incentive, I’ll follow anyone who lets me know that they’ve read this post.  See you on Twitter.