Google Friend Connect Is Retired

I’m a little late on this but Google Friend Connect was retired on March 1st 2012.

I only realised that something wasn’t quite right when the Google Friend Connect widget stopped displaying on my blog pages. My first thoughts were that it was a problem with my browser (Google Chrome) or my AdBlock extension.

After some searching online I discovered that Google posted on their official blog  regarding this topic in November 2011. I also found a more useful support page which looks like it was created more recently

Google seem to be suggesting that “GFC” users should create a Google+ page as an alternative. However, one of the features that I liked most in GFC was the newsletter feature and this is not available in Google+.

I do have a Google+ page (the link is at the top of this page) but I won’t be using it to replace Google Friend Connect.

How I Added Clickbank Ads And A Newsfeed

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England and I decided to get a few jobs done regarding some of my websites.  I had been using a couple of scripts to display Clickbank ads and a newsfeed but they have both stopped working.  After some Googling I found that I could easily replace both scripts.

Clickbank provide a service called HopAd Builder and it displays the ads exactly the same way as my old script did.  I wish I had found this service earlier as it could have saved me some money.  I’m still experimenting and learning how to use it but I’m happy with the results so far.  I can easily change fonts and colours and I can choose between horizontal and vertical displays.

I changed my newsfeed by visiting Yahoo and obtaining the URL of an RSS feed which contained my keyword.  Then I went to a website which provides an RSS to Javascript converter.  I entered a few details including the URL and it generated the javascript code.   Again, just like my Clickbank ads, the new script displays exactly the same as the old script I was using.

So far, I have only updated a couple of my sites and my adboard.  This will be a time-consuming task but I like experimenting with my websites and I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when I complete something successfully.  Also, I have learnt that if you look hard enough you can find free scripts, software and tools that some people will try to sell to you

You Could Have Your Own URL Shortening Service

Imagine owning a website which provides a service that people may use many times per day, every day.

The service that I’m talking about is a URL Shortening Service.  Whenever you send a link inside an email there is always a risk that the link will be broken up and become unclickable.  Therefore, a URL Shortening Service is vital for today’s marketers.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your own URL Shortening Service rather than use someone else’s?  You can have total control over your website and the links which people submit to it.  You can place ads and banners on your site for products which your visitors may be interested in.  You can also place ads on the ‘feeder’ page too.  This is the page that people see while they are being transferred to the original link.

Also, you don’t need to worry about setting up your website.  The script comes with a desktop installer which has a built in FTP progam and there is no MySQL config needed.

So if you’ve ever considered getting one of these scripts in the past I suggest you click on the link below and find out more about owning your own URL Shortening Script.

P.S.  The link above was created using the script.  Check out the loading page.

P.P.S.  I’ve done some research and I don’t think you’ll find this script at a cheaper price.   You also get MRR.

Free WordPress Plugins by MaxBlogPress

I’ve just added a couple of plugins to my blog and I’m really happy with them.  You’ve probably noticed them already because they are near the top of the page.

The first one I added was the Opt-in Form Generator.  I’ve wanted to add an opt-in form to my blog for some time but I was worried that it may involve complicated coding.   However, this plugin makes the process so easy and I was able to add an image too.  The plugin is also very customizable – you can change all colors and the size of the form.

After I installed the Opt-in Form plugin I noticed a Banner Ad plugin.  Like the Opt-in Form Generator, it gives you total control over the appearance of the end-product.  You can place your banners before a post, within a post, after a post or in the sidebar.  You can also use this plugin to show Adsense ads or almost any other type of ads.

I strongly recommend these free plugins and there is an affiliate program too where you can earn 55% commissions on an OTO.  Click here to go to the MaxBlogPress main page.

My Latest Project is Up and Running

I’ve neglected my blog for a while because I’ve been working on my latest website.  I should also say that I haven’t really been in the mood lately for working on my websites and it has taken far too long to do quite a simple project.

Anyway, the website in question is a “URL shortener”.  The script that I have used is probably the most basic out there but that is OK with me because, as I have said before, I’m only a part-time webmaster.  Basically, a user can visit the site, enter their long URL, add a “tag” which relates to their long URL, and the script generates a short URL with the tag at the end.

For example:

Unlike other similar sites there is not a membership feature and I’m not sure if or when the links will expire but I am confident that visitors will bookmark the site and use it regularly.  Long URLs really are annoying!

If you need a short URL pay a visit to my website