How I Added Clickbank Ads And A Newsfeed

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England and I decided to get a few jobs done regarding some of my websites.  I had been using a couple of scripts to display Clickbank ads and a newsfeed but they have both stopped working.  After some Googling I found that I could easily replace both scripts.

Clickbank provide a service called HopAd Builder and it displays the ads exactly the same way as my old script did.  I wish I had found this service earlier as it could have saved me some money.  I’m still experimenting and learning how to use it but I’m happy with the results so far.  I can easily change fonts and colours and I can choose between horizontal and vertical displays.

I changed my newsfeed by visiting Yahoo and obtaining the URL of an RSS feed which contained my keyword.  Then I went to a website which provides an RSS to Javascript converter.  I entered a few details including the URL and it generated the javascript code.   Again, just like my Clickbank ads, the new script displays exactly the same as the old script I was using.

So far, I have only updated a couple of my sites and my adboard.  This will be a time-consuming task but I like experimenting with my websites and I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when I complete something successfully.  Also, I have learnt that if you look hard enough you can find free scripts, software and tools that some people will try to sell to you

Just Launched – My Niche Video Portal

Its a bit rough around the edges, but I’ve finally created a website which links together all of my niche video websites.  I’ve been meaning to do this for some time because these video sites were so out of place on my main domain – they needed a domain name of their own.

I’ll be adding a new collection of videos at regular intervals to keep the site fresh.  The first subject to be covered is the Nintendo Wii and I’ll soon be covering Ipods, pets, diabetes, dating and more.

A lot of the video sites that I upload will also have corresponding pages which enable the visitor to purchase related products at Amazon or Clickbank (eg. for my Wii post I have also provided a link to a page which displays deals on gadgets at

Check the site out for yourself here and bookmark it because new content will be added regularly.

ClickBank and Amazon Niche Websites

This is one of my longest posts but please read it all.  Thanks.

A while ago I had a nice collection of niche video webpages installed on my main website. I liked them because they were Search Engine friendly and I earned a small amount of Adsense revenue from them. However, another webpage of mine violated Adsense TOS and my account was deleted. Without thinking, I took down my niche video webpages and moved on.

Lately, I’ve become interested in niche websites once more but my lack of an Adsense account is a problem. This leaves me with Amazon and Clickbank to work with if I am to earn any serious revenue.

First, I looked on Google for low-cost or free templates or software relating to Clickbank. One or two things interested me but I decided to check on my hard drive because I have so much clutter on there. I managed to find a piece of software called CB Niche Builder.

My first attempts to use the software weren’t very successful but I found a user guide online and soon created my first site. The result is:

For a first attempt, I think it is OK.  The template is something I also found on my hard drive.  For future attempts I would like to add some ads, maybe banners.

Like I mentioned earlier, this has got me interested in niche websites again.  What I would like to do now is buy a domain name and possibly create a “gateway” to all the niche websites that I am going to create.  Hopefully, these will include some video websites if I can find a way of putting Amazon and Clickbank ads on them.  It’s just a darn shame that I don’t have my Adsense account any more 🙁

Oh, I almost forgot to give you the link to my first Amazon site.  Again, for a first attempt I think its quite good.

I think that’s all for now.  Keep checking back because I have many more posts, links and offers planned.

The Hassle of Sales Pages, Download Pages and Encryption

The “guru’s” make it look so easy.  It seems as if they can upload a sales page, a thank you page and an OTO page minutes after a product is released.  However, the reality is that these tasks can be tedious, time consuming and sometimes quite difficult to the average part-time webmaster.  This has been one of the things which has held me back from fully developing my website and selling more digital products online.

Recently I came across a product which claimed to automate the process of the above mentioned tasks.  Cheekily (I know I shouldn’t have done this) I used Google to find a free download of the program from a file sharing site.  This shows how much I need a product like this.  I’ve only briefly looked at the software but I intend to watch the tutorial videos over the next few days.  I’ll write another post when I’ve successfully used the software.