When is Easter 2017?

As Easter falls on a different date each year, I always find myself Googling “When is Easter?”.  This year, Easter is quite late and it is still three weeks away as I write this post.

The exact dates for Easter 2017 are:

Good Friday April 14th

Easter Sunday April 16th

Easter Monday April 17th

Personally, I can’t wait for Easter.  It’s the first long weekend of the year and a sign that the winter is well and truly behind us.

A New Look… And More Changes To Come

After what seems like months of deliberation, I have finally changed the theme of my blog to a much brighter, cleaner theme.  Overall, I’m happy with the result and I think the main improvement is that my blog is now easier to read.  My previous theme, iNove, was one of the most popular on WordPress and I enjoyed using it because it was easy to customize.  However, my new theme, Evolve, is even easier to customize and has many more features and layout options.  I’m still experimenting with it and tweaking a few things (hence the title of this post) and I’m looking forward to adding more features in the future.

Unfortunately I have needed to deactivate one of my favourite plugins – Max Banner Ads.  It worked really well in my last theme and I liked the way I could place banners almost anywhere in my blog.  However, it doesn’t quite look right in Evolve so I have deactivated it and I will use Evolve’s built-in “ads” feature.  I’ve also deleted some other widgets and ad blocks which I now realize were just cluttering up my previous theme.  I really like the “clean” look that a lot of blogs seem to have these days.

Finally, I’m hoping that my new-look blog will motivate me to blog more.  Monetizing my blog is less important to me now so, in the future, I plan to blog more about the things I am interested in away from Internet Marketing.  If you visit my Twitter page using the link at the top of the page you will find out more about me and see that I’m interested in gadgets, the internet, sport, music and movies.  More posts related to those topics will follow.

How I Added Clickbank Ads And A Newsfeed

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England and I decided to get a few jobs done regarding some of my websites.  I had been using a couple of scripts to display Clickbank ads and a newsfeed but they have both stopped working.  After some Googling I found that I could easily replace both scripts.

Clickbank provide a service called HopAd Builder and it displays the ads exactly the same way as my old script did.  I wish I had found this service earlier as it could have saved me some money.  I’m still experimenting and learning how to use it but I’m happy with the results so far.  I can easily change fonts and colours and I can choose between horizontal and vertical displays.

I changed my newsfeed by visiting Yahoo and obtaining the URL of an RSS feed which contained my keyword.  Then I went to a website which provides an RSS to Javascript converter.  I entered a few details including the URL and it generated the javascript code.   Again, just like my Clickbank ads, the new script displays exactly the same as the old script I was using.

So far, I have only updated a couple of my sites and my adboard.  This will be a time-consuming task but I like experimenting with my websites and I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when I complete something successfully.  Also, I have learnt that if you look hard enough you can find free scripts, software and tools that some people will try to sell to you

Google Friend Connect – Give Me Your Opinion

I’ll keep this brief (you’ve probably heard that before but I really mean it).  I’ve been looking at the overall layout of my blog and that made me reconsider the design and layout of my opt-in forms.

You can see my “traditional” opt-in form on the right.  I think it’s important to offer something to my subscribers when they sign-up and I am giving away a valuable PLR ebook to all my subscribers.

However, I like the idea of using Google Friend Connect to easily add subscribers and send out newsletters to them to keep them informed of updates to my blog content.  I also like the idea of creating a “community” on my blog.

I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on this subject.  You can either leave a comment in the normal way or subscribe using the Google Friend Connect widget in the sidebar.  Thanks in advance.


A few days ago a thought suddenly came to me:

Why am I trying to maintain a homepage and a blog?

I only need my blog.  I can continue to upload salespages and download pages as I do now, but for everything else I can use my blog.  My main website has a contact page, a faq page, an “about me” page etc but I can easily create these pages on my blog.

I feel so dumb and amateurish.  Whenever I visit the website of other internet marketers I usually arrive at a blog.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long to realise that this is what I should be doing.  Afterall, it is so much easier to maintain a blog than it is to maintain a regular website.

So from this point forward I will probably be making more blog posts.  I will also be including more links and graphics in my posts and I am constantly looking for useful widgets.

I have a couple of problems to deal with first though.  My blog is installed in a sub-directory so I think I will need to setup a redirect page to bring visitors to my blog from my main website.  I’m also anticipating that this will bring some problems in the form of HTML code.  I know the basics of HTML but it can be a pain getting everything right.

So, until my next brainwave 🙂 bye for now.