5 Reasons To Provide Good Customer Support

In this blog post I have something I want to get off my chest and it relates to Customer Support.

I recently had a bad experience after buying a script online from a well-known Internet Marketer.  I won’t mention any names here.  The script was a WSO in the Warrior Forum and I paid a little extra for an upgrade which included a “Developers Licence.”  It was only after I installed the script that I found it was encrypted in certain places and the User Manual didn’t give clear instructions on how to edit the script.

After my first request for support I received an email asking for more information and ftp details etc. so I replied and waited for their reply.  After waiting for 2 days I sent the email again but I didn’t get a reply after a further 2 days.  As a last resort I asked for a refund in Paypal and the seller contacted me to resolve the issue after a few hours.

Anyway, this experience has led me to compile this short list of reasons why Customer Support is vital to any online business and it can also apply to offline businesses too.

A Customer May Recommend Your Services or Products

A customer who experiences good customer support may tell their friends, family or even their list of customers/subscribers about their experience and your reputation will grow.

A Customer Is More Likely To Return

A customer will be more confident about buying your products or services if they know they will get a prompt and helpful reply if they need support.

Poor Customer Support Could Lead To Disputes

As my experience shows, poor customer support could lead to disputes with Clickbank or payment processors such as Paypal.  In extreme cases, this could be disastrous for your business.

A Good Reputation On Forums and Twitter

In today’s world of Social Media everyone is sharing their experiences on forums and in Twitter and Facebook.  More and more Internet Marketers are offering their products as WSO’s in The Warrior Forum too therefore it is vital to maintain a good reputation if you want your business to be a success.

Use Customer Support To Build Relationships With Your Customers

A customer may send many emails to you therefore it is possible to build good relationships with them and maybe learn a thing or two from them.  You might also find JV partners or someone who could provide a service to you.

So, that’s the end of my rant.  I hope I’ve been able to show you some of the reasons why it is so important to provide good Customer Support.

Instant Clickbank Store

Instant Clickbank Store is a directory containing links to thousands of products and services available in the Clickbank Marketplace.

A Clickbank directory or store is quite easy to install and configure.  Simply edit the config.php file with your affiliate ID, keywords and website title and upload all the necessary files to your server.  You don’t need to do anything else.

Below is a screenshot taken from my directory.  You can see the categories (keywords) on the left, space for a banner ad in the center and the main ads below the banner.  There are multiple opportunities to earn because you could also insert Adsense ads into your directory too.

Clickbank Directory
A Screenshot of my Clickbank Directory

There is also a search box which helps your visitor to find exactly what they are looking for and social bookmarking on EVERY page for your visitors to share your website with others.

You could earn 75% commission on over 10,000 Clickbank products and you could also get paid when your visitors click on your Adsense ads if you choose to use this feature.

Finally, if you are still unsure about installing the script there is a complete installation manual included or there is an option to pay a small fee to have the script installed for you.

Click here to find out more about the Instant Clickbank Store

How I Added Clickbank Ads And A Newsfeed

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England and I decided to get a few jobs done regarding some of my websites.  I had been using a couple of scripts to display Clickbank ads and a newsfeed but they have both stopped working.  After some Googling I found that I could easily replace both scripts.

Clickbank provide a service called HopAd Builder and it displays the ads exactly the same way as my old script did.  I wish I had found this service earlier as it could have saved me some money.  I’m still experimenting and learning how to use it but I’m happy with the results so far.  I can easily change fonts and colours and I can choose between horizontal and vertical displays.

I changed my newsfeed by visiting Yahoo and obtaining the URL of an RSS feed which contained my keyword.  Then I went to a website which provides an RSS to Javascript converter.  I entered a few details including the URL and it generated the javascript code.   Again, just like my Clickbank ads, the new script displays exactly the same as the old script I was using.

So far, I have only updated a couple of my sites and my adboard.  This will be a time-consuming task but I like experimenting with my websites and I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when I complete something successfully.  Also, I have learnt that if you look hard enough you can find free scripts, software and tools that some people will try to sell to you

You Could Have Your Own URL Shortening Service

Imagine owning a website which provides a service that people may use many times per day, every day.

The service that I’m talking about is a URL Shortening Service.  Whenever you send a link inside an email there is always a risk that the link will be broken up and become unclickable.  Therefore, a URL Shortening Service is vital for today’s marketers.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your own URL Shortening Service rather than use someone else’s?  You can have total control over your website and the links which people submit to it.  You can place ads and banners on your site for products which your visitors may be interested in.  You can also place ads on the ‘feeder’ page too.  This is the page that people see while they are being transferred to the original link.

Also, you don’t need to worry about setting up your website.  The script comes with a desktop installer which has a built in FTP progam and there is no MySQL config needed.

So if you’ve ever considered getting one of these scripts in the past I suggest you click on the link below and find out more about owning your own URL Shortening Script.


P.S.  The link above was created using the script.  Check out the loading page.

P.P.S.  I’ve done some research and I don’t think you’ll find this script at a cheaper price.   You also get MRR.

Installed URLFuse Script at Urlism.com

I’ve installed a new URL shortening script at URLism.com.  The old script worked fine and is still available here but I think the new script looks better and the “loading page” makes it viral too.  I’d love to receive some feedback about this.  Try the two versions of the site and let me know what you think.

Another difference between the two scripts is that the new one doesn’t require a MYSQL database because the URL’s are stored in a file which is uploaded during installation.  Also, there is a simple Admin area where URL’s can be edited or deleted and the number of hits is shown for each shortened URL.

I’ve purchased rights to the script so I hope to put up a salespage (I hate putting up salespages 🙁 ) and if everything goes well I’ll put a link here on my blog.

I haven’t had many comments to this blog so please let me know what you think about the two scripts.  Thanks.

My Latest Project is Up and Running

I’ve neglected my blog for a while because I’ve been working on my latest website.  I should also say that I haven’t really been in the mood lately for working on my websites and it has taken far too long to do quite a simple project.

Anyway, the website in question is a “URL shortener”.  The script that I have used is probably the most basic out there but that is OK with me because, as I have said before, I’m only a part-time webmaster.  Basically, a user can visit the site, enter their long URL, add a “tag” which relates to their long URL, and the script generates a short URL with the tag at the end.

For example:  www.urlism.com/tag

Unlike other similar sites there is not a membership feature and I’m not sure if or when the links will expire but I am confident that visitors will bookmark the site and use it regularly.  Long URLs really are annoying!

If you need a short URL pay a visit to my website http://urlism.com

HTML2PDF Script Available Now

I’ve uploaded the salespage for the HTML2PDF script which I recently added to my website. I’ve mentioned the benefits of this tool in a previous post so if you have your own website and are looking to add some “stickiness” to it, I recommend you purchase this script.

Your visitors will keep coming back to your site and it will be useful to you too if you need to create a manual, a report or an ebook. You could also set up a membership site and charge a small monthly fee for your members to use HTML2PDF.

The salespage is here and the demo is here

Convert HTML To PDF

I’ve just uploaded a script to my main website which allows the user to convert HTML code into a PDF file. The converter uses a WYSIWYG interface and is very easy to use. Simply enter the Title, Author, Subject and HTML code and press “Generate PDF” – its as easy as that!

I’ll be changing one or two things and placing some ads on the page, but the converter is ready to use right now.

This is ideal for anyone who is looking to create a professional looking report or ebook. I also intend to put up a sales page for anyone who would like to purchase the script – but I can’t put a timescale on this.

The link you need for the HTML to PDF Converter is http://andrewmcgovernonline.com/HTML2PDF/create/.

Bookmark it and tell your friends and family.