Looking For A WordPress Plugin?

It seems like a new WordPress plugin is released every day.  Some of these plugins simply add a line of text to a post but others can improve a blog’s SEO performance, add subscribers to a mailing list or improve the appearance of a blog.

Whichever way you look at it, if you want to have a successful, self-hosted WordPress blog and attract visitors and subscribers you need to use plugins.

This is where my new website, Shop For Plugins comes in.  It’s a WordPress Plugin Store and it currently has 25 plugins available with a further 10 to be added soon.  The plugins are sorted into categories which are Business, Marketing, Miscellaneous and SEO & Tools.  There are also special offers and featured plugins on the main page.

Visitors can create an account and PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  Most of the plugins are priced much lower than when they were first released and some are discounted by a further 50%.

As you might expect, the plugins come with either PLR or MRR and the zip files contain all the usual things you would find if you downloaded the file from the original product website.

For more information you can follow Shop For Plugins on Twitter or go direct to the website.

Turbo Traffic Tactics – Free Download (No Opt-in Required)

Turbo Traffic Tactics coverIn “Turbo Traffic Tactics” you will discover a few quick and easy ways to get visitors to your website.  You will learn how you can get traffic from places such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google and how you can create your own “feeder sites” to drive traffic to your main website.

Turbo Traffic Tactics also shows you the best ways to use Safelists, List Builders and Classified Ads websites such as Craigslist.

The reports introduction reminds you that your website or blog is useless if it isn’t receiving traffic. You could have the most attractive graphics, the most interesting articles or the best video or audio but you will be wasting your time if nobody is visiting your site.

I’ve read the report myself and, although I was already using some of the methods, I will now use some of the other methods to drive more traffic to my websites.  Turbo Traffic Tactics is very easy to follow, clearly laid out and you don’t need any special technical skills.

Today you can download Turbo Traffic Tactics for free – I don’t even want your email address or any other personal details.  Just click here and enjoy the report.  If you wish, you can show your appreciation by signing up for my newsletter.  Thanks.

TopTierMailer – The Latest Program From Matthew Graves

TopTierMailer is the latest program from Matthew Graves and is sure to follow the success of his other websites (WebBizInsider, TopTierTraffic and SplashPageSurfer).

As I write this TopTierMailer is only a day old and is experiencing a few technical problems but this is not uncommon for big launches.  New members are still being accepted and you will receive your affiliate URL and login details by email within a few minutes of signing up.

So, what is TopTierMailer all about?  In a nutshell, you earn credits by reading other users’ emails and visiting their websites.  You can then use those credits to send out your emails and websites to other members.

You are probably saying “What’s so unique about that?”  However, TopTierMailer has some features which make it stand out from the crowd.  The most active members who read the most emails and visit the most websites are rewarded in a matrix-like structure.   There is a running leaderboard and the members with the most credits at the end of any week are rewarded by being able to send emails without using credits the following week.

TopTierMailer also allows you to track your emails and see how many were sent, which ones were bounced, which ones were read and which ones were clicked on.  You can also send follow-up emails to users who may or may not have read your last email.  This is a feature which is comparable to some of the best autoresponders.

Finally, as you may have guessed, there are various options to upgrade at TopTierMailer.  I won’t go into those in detail here but Premium members receive substantially more commissions than Free Members for referring new members.  However, those who join for free do receive commissions so it is worthwhile joining TopTierMailer for free and checking it out.

I highly recommend that you take a look at TopTierMailer today!  Remember, as I write this the program is only a day old.

Optin Buzz Optin Page Generator

Optin Buzz Optin Page GeneratorToday, I want to share a free download. Optin Buzz is software which can increase your subscriber optins by 200%.

Optin Buzz works well with almost all of the popular autoresponders and if your autoresponder isn’t listed simply copy and paste your HTML code into the software.  (AWeber is an easy-to-use autoresponder and they are currently offering a 1 month trial for just $1).

Here are some of the features of Optin Buzz:

  • Allows your subscribers to receive their rewards instantly
  • Personalize your salesletter and address your prospects by name
  • Boosts your response rates by at least 30%
  • Add images, videos or audio as a thank you message after your subscriber has opted in
  • And many more features

You also get Giveaway Rights worth $27 which will allow you to pass Optin Buzz on to your subscribers or entice people to opt in to your list.

To download your free software, simply click here and enter your details.  You will receive a link to the download within minutes.

Evolve Theme Update Has Fixed My Blog

I’ve been a big fan of the free version of the Evolve WP Theme by Theme4Press since I started using it in October 2011.

I particularly like the social integration features, the options for placement of advertisements and the clean, modern appearance.

However, a recent update meant I was only able to display one widget in the sidebar and the others appeared centered at the bottom of the page.  I was so disappointed at the thought of having to change my blog theme again and couldn’t find another free theme which gave my blog a similar appearance and similar features to Evolve.

It now seems that the latest update (2.0.4) has fixed these issues and it probably fixed some others that I hadn’t noticed.  I’ll continue to use Evolve and hope that the next update doesn’t undo these fixes.

Surf To Earn Downline Members At WebBizInsider

Now is a great time to become a member at WebBizInsider.

The Owner, Matthew Graves, regularly offers incentives to encourage members to surf more.  These incentives can be bonus credits, banner credits or text ad credits.  However, the most popular incentive is free downline members and this is reflected in increased surfing activity.

This weekend (26th & 27th November) Matthew offered one free downline member for 50 sites surfed and 5 free downline members for 300 sites surfed each day.  If you have the spare time to surf 300 sites and you find it difficult to refer new members I think this is an excellent feature of WebBizInsider.  Just be aware that it isn’t available every day.  You can email your downline every week and you earn credits whenever your downline surfs.

If you decide to sign up at WebBizInsider look out for Matthews regular emails which include details of his latest offers and links which can give you up to 100 free credits.

You may also be interested in Matthews other websites TopTierTraffic and SplashPageSurfer

My One And Only Post On PTC’s

While I’m surfing I see a lot of reviews for PTC sites so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and write a review of my own. However, this will be my only post on PTC sites because my blog is primarily aimed at people who are serious about setting up their own business online.

There are a lot of scams out there and, unfortunately, I have been a member of some of them. But there is one PTC which I am happy to promote and recommend that you join.

That site is Neobux

However, I recommend that you join as a free member first until you are sure that you are ready to invest. I can confirm that I have been paid by Neobux and I was literally paid instantly.  The money was in my Alertpay account within a matter of minutes. I also like the script which Neobux uses which is unlike some of the older PTC sites and the fact that referrals can be rented rather than bought.

It’s impossible to say how long Neobux will be around for. Unobux, which used a similar script, recently disappeared and joined the many other scams. I’m genuinely hoping Neobux will stay around and continue to grow because it seems like they have a good business model.