Turbo Traffic Tactics – Free Download (No Opt-in Required)

Turbo Traffic Tactics coverIn “Turbo Traffic Tactics” you will discover a few quick and easy ways to get visitors to your website.  You will learn how you can get traffic from places such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google and how you can create your own “feeder sites” to drive traffic to your main website.

Turbo Traffic Tactics also shows you the best ways to use Safelists, List Builders and Classified Ads websites such as Craigslist.

The reports introduction reminds you that your website or blog is useless if it isn’t receiving traffic. You could have the most attractive graphics, the most interesting articles or the best video or audio but you will be wasting your time if nobody is visiting your site.

I’ve read the report myself and, although I was already using some of the methods, I will now use some of the other methods to drive more traffic to my websites.  Turbo Traffic Tactics is very easy to follow, clearly laid out and you don’t need any special technical skills.

Today you can download Turbo Traffic Tactics for free – I don’t even want your email address or any other personal details.  Just click here and enjoy the report.  If you wish, you can show your appreciation by signing up for my newsletter.  Thanks.

Surf To Earn Downline Members At WebBizInsider

Now is a great time to become a member at WebBizInsider.

The Owner, Matthew Graves, regularly offers incentives to encourage members to surf more.  These incentives can be bonus credits, banner credits or text ad credits.  However, the most popular incentive is free downline members and this is reflected in increased surfing activity.

This weekend (26th & 27th November) Matthew offered one free downline member for 50 sites surfed and 5 free downline members for 300 sites surfed each day.  If you have the spare time to surf 300 sites and you find it difficult to refer new members I think this is an excellent feature of WebBizInsider.  Just be aware that it isn’t available every day.  You can email your downline every week and you earn credits whenever your downline surfs.

If you decide to sign up at WebBizInsider look out for Matthews regular emails which include details of his latest offers and links which can give you up to 100 free credits.

You may also be interested in Matthews other websites TopTierTraffic and SplashPageSurfer

Instant Clickbank Store

Instant Clickbank Store is a directory containing links to thousands of products and services available in the Clickbank Marketplace.

A Clickbank directory or store is quite easy to install and configure.  Simply edit the config.php file with your affiliate ID, keywords and website title and upload all the necessary files to your server.  You don’t need to do anything else.

Below is a screenshot taken from my directory.  You can see the categories (keywords) on the left, space for a banner ad in the center and the main ads below the banner.  There are multiple opportunities to earn because you could also insert Adsense ads into your directory too.

Clickbank Directory
A Screenshot of my Clickbank Directory

There is also a search box which helps your visitor to find exactly what they are looking for and social bookmarking on EVERY page for your visitors to share your website with others.

You could earn 75% commission on over 10,000 Clickbank products and you could also get paid when your visitors click on your Adsense ads if you choose to use this feature.

Finally, if you are still unsure about installing the script there is a complete installation manual included or there is an option to pay a small fee to have the script installed for you.

Click here to find out more about the Instant Clickbank Store

Improvements At My Free Ads Website

There’s never been a better time to get yourself an adboard similar to the one which I have at ExposedAds.com.

Firstly, the price has been reduced by $10/month which means it’s even easier for anyone to make money with an adboard.

Secondly, there are even more features to attract advertisers and encourage people to upgrade.  If you visit my site today you will see that banner ads have been added across the top and bottom of the page and down the left hand side also.  As a site owner, you are provided with carefully selected Clickbank banner ads or you can use your own ads as I have done.

Add this new feature to the fact that you can earn money from referrals, you can build a list of people to send an email to, you can easily add your own ads and you can direct advertisers to a page of your choice after they have placed their ad – this all ads up to an excellent package.

To take advantage of this offer simply visit my adboard or Click Here to go directly to the signup page.

Special Offer at Exposedads.com

Its been a while since my last post so I decided to mention a special offer which is currently running at my free adboard – exposedads.com.

Until the end of this month (August 08) you can upgrade your ad for just $1.95.  This represents excellent value because I should be charging $10.  I’ll be making a decision on whether to increase the price on 1st September so place your ad soon.

Changing subject, my main website – andrewmcgovernonline.com – seems to be doing better in the Google rankings.  I have no idea why this is happening, lol, but I’m not complaining (I’m clueless when it comes to SEO).  I’ll have to think about new ways to cash-in on my higher rankings since my Adsense account was disabled.

The Dreaded Email From Google Adsense

This morning I received an email from Google telling me that my Adsense account has been disabled.  I’ve had some time to think about things since then and I think this has happened because I placed ads on pages with very little content such as my PDF creation page.

I’m not too upset that my account has been disabled but I am upset and angry at the fact I now have to remove my niche video pages from my website.  Although these pages contained content which I thought was useful and informative, I was using them to earn revenue from Adsense.  I also had other pages with adsense ads on and I was hoping to upload a games site which was also going to be used to earn money from Adsense.

Now I’m going to take some time to decide what I want to do next with my website and to consider some Adsense alternatives.  I think there are quite a lot out there but they probably don’t pay as much as Adsense.

Do You Recognise This Website?

If you regularly place free ads for your website or affiliate website then you will probably be familiar with this kind of layout. I remember wanting to purchase a site like this a while ago but I was put off by the price.  But I took another look recently and found that I could get one for a small monthly fee.

I decided to give it a go and I am quite happy with how things have gone.  I am also quite confident that I can earn back that small monthly fee and more.

Anyway, I hope you will use the site if you have anything to promote and I recommend that you upgrade if you want your ad to really stand out.  Use the link above or the one in the column to the right to access the site.