Instant Clickbank Store

Instant Clickbank Store is a directory containing links to thousands of products and services available in the Clickbank Marketplace.

A Clickbank directory or store is quite easy to install and configure.  Simply edit the config.php file with your affiliate ID, keywords and website title and upload all the necessary files to your server.  You don’t need to do anything else.

Below is a screenshot taken from my directory.  You can see the categories (keywords) on the left, space for a banner ad in the center and the main ads below the banner.  There are multiple opportunities to earn because you could also insert Adsense ads into your directory too.

Clickbank Directory
A Screenshot of my Clickbank Directory

There is also a search box which helps your visitor to find exactly what they are looking for and social bookmarking on EVERY page for your visitors to share your website with others.

You could earn 75% commission on over 10,000 Clickbank products and you could also get paid when your visitors click on your Adsense ads if you choose to use this feature.

Finally, if you are still unsure about installing the script there is a complete installation manual included or there is an option to pay a small fee to have the script installed for you.

Click here to find out more about the Instant Clickbank Store

A New Look… And More Changes To Come

After what seems like months of deliberation, I have finally changed the theme of my blog to a much brighter, cleaner theme.  Overall, I’m happy with the result and I think the main improvement is that my blog is now easier to read.  My previous theme, iNove, was one of the most popular on WordPress and I enjoyed using it because it was easy to customize.  However, my new theme, Evolve, is even easier to customize and has many more features and layout options.  I’m still experimenting with it and tweaking a few things (hence the title of this post) and I’m looking forward to adding more features in the future.

Unfortunately I have needed to deactivate one of my favourite plugins – Max Banner Ads.  It worked really well in my last theme and I liked the way I could place banners almost anywhere in my blog.  However, it doesn’t quite look right in Evolve so I have deactivated it and I will use Evolve’s built-in “ads” feature.  I’ve also deleted some other widgets and ad blocks which I now realize were just cluttering up my previous theme.  I really like the “clean” look that a lot of blogs seem to have these days.

Finally, I’m hoping that my new-look blog will motivate me to blog more.  Monetizing my blog is less important to me now so, in the future, I plan to blog more about the things I am interested in away from Internet Marketing.  If you visit my Twitter page using the link at the top of the page you will find out more about me and see that I’m interested in gadgets, the internet, sport, music and movies.  More posts related to those topics will follow.