Installed URLFuse Script at

I’ve installed a new URL shortening script at  The old script worked fine and is still available here but I think the new script looks better and the “loading page” makes it viral too.  I’d love to receive some feedback about this.  Try the two versions of the site and let me know what you think.

Another difference between the two scripts is that the new one doesn’t require a MYSQL database because the URL’s are stored in a file which is uploaded during installation.  Also, there is a simple Admin area where URL’s can be edited or deleted and the number of hits is shown for each shortened URL.

I’ve purchased rights to the script so I hope to put up a salespage (I hate putting up salespages 🙁 ) and if everything goes well I’ll put a link here on my blog.

I haven’t had many comments to this blog so please let me know what you think about the two scripts.  Thanks.

Free WordPress Plugins by MaxBlogPress

I’ve just added a couple of plugins to my blog and I’m really happy with them.  You’ve probably noticed them already because they are near the top of the page.

The first one I added was the Opt-in Form Generator.  I’ve wanted to add an opt-in form to my blog for some time but I was worried that it may involve complicated coding.   However, this plugin makes the process so easy and I was able to add an image too.  The plugin is also very customizable – you can change all colors and the size of the form.

After I installed the Opt-in Form plugin I noticed a Banner Ad plugin.  Like the Opt-in Form Generator, it gives you total control over the appearance of the end-product.  You can place your banners before a post, within a post, after a post or in the sidebar.  You can also use this plugin to show Adsense ads or almost any other type of ads.

I strongly recommend these free plugins and there is an affiliate program too where you can earn 55% commissions on an OTO.  Click here to go to the MaxBlogPress main page.

Just Launched – My Niche Video Portal

Its a bit rough around the edges, but I’ve finally created a website which links together all of my niche video websites.  I’ve been meaning to do this for some time because these video sites were so out of place on my main domain – they needed a domain name of their own.

I’ll be adding a new collection of videos at regular intervals to keep the site fresh.  The first subject to be covered is the Nintendo Wii and I’ll soon be covering Ipods, pets, diabetes, dating and more.

A lot of the video sites that I upload will also have corresponding pages which enable the visitor to purchase related products at Amazon or Clickbank (eg. for my Wii post I have also provided a link to a page which displays deals on gadgets at

Check the site out for yourself here and bookmark it because new content will be added regularly.

Improvements At My Free Ads Website

There’s never been a better time to get yourself an adboard similar to the one which I have at

Firstly, the price has been reduced by $10/month which means it’s even easier for anyone to make money with an adboard.

Secondly, there are even more features to attract advertisers and encourage people to upgrade.  If you visit my site today you will see that banner ads have been added across the top and bottom of the page and down the left hand side also.  As a site owner, you are provided with carefully selected Clickbank banner ads or you can use your own ads as I have done.

Add this new feature to the fact that you can earn money from referrals, you can build a list of people to send an email to, you can easily add your own ads and you can direct advertisers to a page of your choice after they have placed their ad – this all ads up to an excellent package.

To take advantage of this offer simply visit my adboard or Click Here to go directly to the signup page.

Follow Me On Twitter

For the past few days I’ve been checking out and finding out why it is so popular with Internet Marketers.  My early impressions are that this is a big site that is going to get bigger and bigger.  I can even see it becoming just as popular as Facebook or even more popular.

It’s so addictive.  You can spend hours browsing through the messages that people have sent.  Each member profile you visit contains links to other member profiles and you end up going from one to another and another.

I’m slowly building up a list of “followers” and I too am “following” other people.  This creates a viral effect which helps make the site popular with marketers.  However, it is quite easy for people to stop following you or to even block you.

I have added a widget to the sidebar to make it easy for you to follow me.  You can also see my 5 most recent “tweets”.  If you aren’t a member yet I strongly recommend that you join and link up with people who have similar interests to yourself.

Also, as a bit of an incentive, I’ll follow anyone who lets me know that they’ve read this post.  See you on Twitter.